Last weekend myself and Jessica were able to have a socially distanced BBQ with our family. It was amazing and because I had been keeping up my training in these trying circumstances, I was able to afford myself a little freedom in the foods that I chose, it included ice cream!

I am able to run around 5 miles most days and even though the sunshine is lovely, it does put a stress on the body (so make sure there is lots of water)

I do feel sore and I am not sure it is because it is because the frequency of my cardio training has increased, but I am beginning to enjoy it. Cardio! Yes, I know.

When you pour yourself into something, and are completely present. You are completely focused, and you aren’t running to distractions and discomforts. You have to take on the difficulty, slight struggle, and stress. So you just accept it, do it without complaining and looking for an easy exit.

How can we create that attitude in our daily lives?

You sit down afterward, your muscles are aching, you feel like your guts are going to explode.
When you have finished, you can look back, even at the end of a hard working day, knowing that you gave your best, doing something worthwhile.

How do we create that satisfaction and that feeling accomplishment in our lives?

When you know that resting is also important, that means good sleep and nutrition.
Fully appreciate the well oiled machine that you have.
Knowing that recovery is just as important for growth.
Knowing that you deserve some rest too.

So how do we create that feeling of recovery and relaxation in our everyday lives?

There is joy in training hard, working hard.
But this can be a lesson in our everyday lives.

Let’s create the same feeling of accomplishment on both sides of the coin, every single day.

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