Ok, well, I am going to script a short story that I told on my ‘Becoming a Champion’ YouTube channel.

It’s about, a fictional character, called ‘Grandpa Joe’ and he tells his grandson ‘Little John’ about his challenges in life.

“When I was a teenager, I was excitedly accepted to attend the ‘Army Foundation College’ it was a 42 week course and the week consisted of education, skills of becoming a soldier, and fitness.”

“At around lunchtime on a Saturday, we would finish and relax. But, to be honest, the staff would always advise us to stay active, and get outside the camp in Yorkshire. It was the most terrible hills, there were hills that you had to climb up and down, and running up these was certainly a challenge.”

“After we stood down on a Saturday, I never really wanted to go outside and run the next day. But my ‘Army, Student’ friends knew how important it was for me to challenge myself, as I wanted to be a Paratrooper’, and so I went on the Sundays.”

“It was one Sunday, and after the tough training a day before, I never really, really wanted to go outside and run, especially taking on these hills.

“I don’t want to do it,” I said, then my two friends went, “well you’re supposed to, “yes, you want to be a Paratrooper” so, I replied “you really don’t know how tired I am from yesterday.”

Then one of my friends, said to me, “the staff did tell you that you needed to be super fit, for the Parachute Regiment.”

“Well the staff don’t know how tired I am.” I said.

“The staff know that you must be tired from yesterday.” They both said.

“But I do feel sore, and I hate the thought of putting on my training shoes again and taking on those terrible hills.”

My friends said, “that’s why being a soldier is so tough.”

“Well”, I said, “I don’t want to feel the pain of training today,”

“Ok” my friends said, “But the staff on Monday are going to want to know if you have the guts to be a potential Paratrooper. They look at you every day.”

“Fine,” I said, “I know I will get evaluated on the efforts that I put in, so I will run it.”

I went, and set off, to run up and down those terrible hills. But, As I stood at the start line, I hesitated, then I heard a shout from one of my friends.
“You’re not going to fly up that hill, you know.”

He was right, I need to go, and so, I just did it. It was hard, my legs were sore, felt my muscles aching, my lungs felt like they were going to burst. It was also so cold, my hands and ears were freezing, I was miserable, but I made it up and down that terrible hills.

When I had finished, I felt better. I was warmed up, and it seemed quiet, and the scenery in Yorkshire is beautiful. I felt, a little sore, but I did what’s needed, I had done something hard, and at times, felt awful, but as soon as I finished, it felt good. In fact, it felt great, a thousand times better than before I did it. I felt amazing.

I always try to remember that feeling, when I am facing something that I don’t want to do, I think of those terrible hills on those Sundays, and I think of how good I felt when I was done.

And, that is what I do, if I face anything terrible, I just go and I do it. I know that it will feel better, when I am done.

That is the lesson I learned from those terrible hills in Yorkshire.

When you don’t want to do something because it’s going to be hard, just go and do it.
Go challenge those terrible hills.

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