Here is my story, which I have made up characters to show the lesson described which is based on content from the book…

‘Tony,’ he had done the same thing for about 10 years now and he is yearning for a change, he needs to believe that there are more things outside, he needs to find a new purpose.

Up until now, he has been so scared of the unknown, he has been fearful. And then, he realises that the fear and avoidance behavior results from the stem of another belief. A belief that the unknown is dangerous.

The idea that, what is outside his comfort zone is dangerous, and it’s constantly in his mind. Then he realises, that just because we have a thought, it does not mean we have to believe it. We can choose to stop believing it, if we choose to do so.

That’s exactly what ‘Tony’ done after he examined his belief in the dangerousness of the unknown. He claims that it is a belief that has been holding him back, preventing him from exploring, what is making him uncomfortable.

Discarding his fear generating belief, ‘Tony’ becomes more courageous and enters unknown territory. He moves forward, and eventually approaches a closed door, an opportunity? He opens it, what does he find? A new job? A new adventure?

Nothing, just further confusion and disappointment, much like where he was before.

He feels upset and feels like turning back, going back to his old ways, but then a close friend who has been supporting him, reminds ‘Tony’ that things can be different in how they appear. Remembering his belief in the power of believing in possibilities, he ventures forward still.

Here is an obvious lesson, do not give up too quickly. To embrace the possibility of something, you can’t give up too quickly. You have to embrace the possibility.

But because ‘Tony’ was moving forward, he was offered another opportunity, and in the end, he moved forward with this opportunity and it ended up being a success.

He lived a positive, happy life.

Out of the Maze- Spencer Johnson

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