8th March 2019.

Well, I was excited as it was now Friday 8th March 2019 and I was about to travel to Tedworth House to take part in a ‘mini’ H4H Tough Mudder Events day. I was going to meet lots of new people from different companies all doing their piece for the charity. So, as I traveled up, I got a taxi to Tedworth House, which the taxi company itself regularly transported veterans to the recovery center and many of the drivers were ex service personnel themselves.

As I arrived, I got myself ready and had the pleasure of meeting my first team H4H team member then, we all went into a room in the house to put our bags down and then I grabbed a cup of coffee while we waited for everyone to arrive.

We had our introductions and then when everyone arrived, I had another tour of Tedworth House and the purpose of its facilities.

We then had some lunch as we were preparing to actually go out into the mud trails to take part in like a mini circuit within the grounds of Tedworth House. But, there was also a cameraman who was going to be trailing us and taking shots of us going around the track itself. Which was really fun because, yes, the obstacles were quite challenging, but it was good to get everyone together, so we could create better relationships.

We was all placed behind the camera for further video or photos and then we said our goodbyes, which I hope I will get to see these new friends again soon.

I then ventured into the gym in the evening, which was in Tedworth House, the facility was awesome and I managed to get a workout in before I rested for the evening, as I was getting an early train back to London on the Saturday 9th March 2019.

I had a fantastic time.


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The Natural Edge.

Dan O’Connell.

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