Feeling Comfortable During the Day.

When I first started doing video training sessions with clients, or even my first virtual podcast.
I had that feeling of was my communication coming across well? Can I see everything that the client needed? How am I presenting myself on camera?
I was confident that I was performing to a high standard but I still had that feeling of being uncomfortable.

But then I was reading something from Mel Robbins and it was the 5 second rule. So, I did just that, I sat back, counted 5 seconds and just got on with it, and very shortly, I felt much more comfortable..

This practice helped a lot, because even though I was still at home, I suddenly felt much better and was moving through the day with much more easily..

It’s quite a simple idea: instead of having an uptight attitude about what you are doing, you can set yourself up to being more relaxed.

You can try it now… count for 5 seconds, take those breaths and sit back with ease. Come to a place where you feel relaxed and open.
It might take some practice, but most of us are holding some kind of stress that is causing tension most of the time.

If we can get to a place where we feel relaxed, not aggravated, then the things that we are doing doing during the day can be more restful, we can also finish feeling more refreshed.

So, if you’re talking to someone on a video call for an hour, it will be more of a vibrant time with that person.

Have you got lots of tasks to do? Don’t worry, just take each one with deliberate attention, while having a calming attitude towards the task.

Do just one thing at a time. Give the task your full attention, and if it’s a conversation make sure your listening to that person(s).
An easy calming attitude as you move through it.

Something else that helps me is that when I go outside just to walk or do my cardio, I like to take in everything around me. I have lots of thoughts at times, but when I am outside and feel the sun on my skin, I just take a deep breath… and then think about all the people that I am trying to help, I know that I care. Feeling nourished by everything around us, even the just the little mundane things… help us feel not so unmotivated about the things that we do.

Feeling grateful to be alive helps also.

How would you feel when you start moving through the day more comfortably?
Give it a try.

Inspiration At This Time.

Just a little piece of inspiration at this time.

Before in April 1954.
The belief was, the universal belief.
It had been tried again and again by people that failed.
The belief was that man was not physically capable.
Of breaking the four minute barrier.
That he could not run a mile in less than four minutes.
That was the planets belief.
It had never been done.
But guess what, here is what happened.
A Roger Bannister came along and he broke the four minute barrier.
What is significant about that?
Up to what i know, a thousands of people have done it, including high school kids.
What changed those thousands of people?
What happened was, when they got in the track, they knew it had been done.
Because they knew it had been done.
There was a new belief about this barrier.
About this goal that was unreachable.
These people in their heart, knowing someone had done it, it was possible.
They could do it.
So you know, if someone has done this goal.
You can do it.
You can make this dream a reality.
As you look at where you want to go.
Embrace, that it is possible.
PC: PInterest

8 Ways to Make The Most of Your Unproductive Days.

Ever had one of those days where you feel like just doing absolutely nothing.

I had one of those days last Sunday, I wanted to publish a post here on ‘Becoming a Champion’ and I did a little work but not much happened.

We all have our days when we feel lazy and unproductive… sometimes we did not sleep well… some days we feel unmotivated and sometimes we get distracted by a brand new game (mine on Sunday was Assassins Creed)

So what do you do? Here are 8 ways that are my favourite unproductivity-day strategies.

1. Find something fun to do.

If you’re feeling unmotivated, it may just be those things that you are on your to do list. You need to find something exciting to do.
This can be a challenge for some, so just stop and think… what would be fun to do today? What could you do different which was not normal routine? What are you passionate about? What would be new to you? Think of those ideas, then write them down. Then choose something fun and exciting from the list, even if it’s nothing urgent. It’s better than doing nothing.

Getting excited about something is one of the best ways to get out if that unmotivated mindset. Find what your passion is, then pursue it.

2. Eliminate Distractions.

What is it that is distracting you today? It could be a blog online like (Becoming a Champion?) a television show, or a computer game (Assassins Creed.)
Whatever it is, block yourself from that distraction, you can get a lot more done. It’s hard I know.
A good method is to get a friend or coworker to stop you from using this distraction. Another good method is to disconnect from the internet.
I know that, I get a lot more done when I do that.

3. Put the worst things at the top of the list.

It could be something that you have been delaying for a while, I would put that on the top of my to do list and put a range of other things below.

4. Just relax.

Even if you don’t get anything done today, it is not the end of the world. Sometimes when your brain has been doing lots of work, it will need a rest. Take that rest day and let yourself recover. If you can take the day off, do it! Get back to work tomorrow. You might find yourself recharged.

5. Take a walk.

Sometimes you just need to get moving… and go outside if you can. Just 10 minutes of being in the outdoors can help you relax and get prepared for some work.

6. Have a shower.

Some people work at home, and even on those days that I am writing in the morning, it is very tempting just to get up and stay in those pyjamas. If you don’t feel clean, you might not feel productive. Go take a shower. You’ll feel much better and ready for work.
It’s amazing how much difference a shower and a shave can make.

7. Take a nap.

The ultimate unproductively tool. Sometimes if I take a nap, I wake up refreshed and ready to go.

8. Music.

Turn up the music player.
I enjoy listening to dance music, nothing gets you going better than an upbeat tune.