Talking today about a different method of training which is the superset.

This is a variation of two exercises combined consecutively without a break.
A popular method is combining two antagonist muscles (opposing) muscle groups. For example,
doing a chest press followed by a bent over row.

A popular method is the push/pull superset system, which could be horizontal or vertical pressing movement followed by a horizontal or vertical pull movement. It could be the example above or a military press paired with a chin-up.

Arnold Schwarzenegger said, “More work could get done in less time.”

Here are some examples.


Leg extensions/Hamstring Curls.
Leg press/Romanian Deadlifts.

Chest, Shoulders and Back.

DB Incline Chest Press/DB Bench Row
Overhead Press/Chin-Ups


DB French Extn/Seated DB Bicep Curls.
Tricep Push-downs/Preacher Curls.

Another popular method is a super set of the same muscle group but with a different emphasis. An example would be doing DB flyes superset with DB press.

Tricep pushdown superset with Tricep extension behind head.
Leg extension superset with split squat.
Leg curl superset with Romanian deadlift

In summary,

1. As Arnie says, you can get a workout in less time.

2. There is metabolic improvements as your getting the heart pumping.

3. Increased Hypertrophy,

Josh Bryant
Tom Venuto.
Jake Boly.

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