Dreams, Goals and Finding Your Purpose 

What are the causes and beliefs that inspire you?

I will describe my military background, my injuries, my transition from soldier to civilian, my recovery, how I became an International Front Cover Fitness Model and why giving back is so important.

I was labelled the ‘Walking Miracle’ by the doctors and Nurses after my injury and I will explain through my story what is possible.

My fitness journey.

My role for Help For Heroes. My Purpose.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, employed or a leader of a team. Discovering your PURPOSE injects passion into your work and it is those that have a PURPOSE that have the ability to inspire others around them.

Who wants to find their purpose?


Glenn Parker

Daily routines including your profession can end up being a grind on the soul. You rise to the sound of the alarm, paperwork and admin is first on the agenda, office politics with colleagues and the boss all play a part and then you have to manage your personal life. Bed time beckons and it’s Groundhog Day all over again,

The answer is quite a simple one, find your PURPOSE, we are then better positioned to find clarity and confidence in our careers, our community and develop relationships that are most likely to inspire us.

Do you want to wake up, inspired to go to work? Feel secure when you are there? And come home fulfilled?

Start your journey to find your PURPOSE by listening to my speech.


Your team

Inspiration is very powerful. A small group of impactful employees can have a major benefit to an organisation.

When there is a positive work environment your team feels together and energised and will make a lasting impact. Your team members will feel valued and make a lasting impact while loving going to work.

When your team knows it’s PURPOSE positive things start to happen. People will want to connect with you and be apart of your team. Performance will I prove and employee turnover starts to decline. You now have a group moving in the same direction.

Start your teams PURPOSE by listening to my speech.


Your Company

So you’re stuck? You need to change and develop a new path that will set you apart from your competition and will create a foundation for you to move forward.

When a company starts with a PURPOSE they stand for something bigger than any product or brand. Their brand has meaning and adds true value to the world. They are better able to attract employees, customers and partners. Their people love to go to work.

Start your Companies PURPOSE by listening to my speech.