“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

A big issue for people is a lack of motivation to exercise, especially when they don’t feel like getting out of a comfortable situation.

I am sure you know many people that have that feeling and at times maybe even yourself.

In Part 1 of the post, I wrote about creating the motivation to exercise and now I just want to extend this point further.

There are lots of ways to motivate yourself to exercise and I have detailed at some that I have used and I know others have also.

For myself, I have had workout partners, reading books, reading articles, websites, challenges and rewarding myself in the aftermath.

1. That Endorphin Rush.

You always feel great after a good workout and I always say to myself that I will feel great next time.

2. In Your Time.

In a world where we are on the constant go and still make time for others (mum, Dad, spouse, kids, other family, boss, coworkers) have a time and place where you can make yourself a priority and don’t miss that appointment.

3. Burning Calories.

Counting calories is really one of the most effective ways to lose weight. The more you exercise the more calories you will burn, the bigger the calorie deficit.

4. Fun.

Yes, exercise should be challenging, but it also is fun. Try a different activity that you enjoy doing and as long as you’re moving, it will be good for you.

5. Looking Healthier.

Imagine a slimmer and healthier you! Isn’t that visualisation enough to drive you.

6. Magazines

Reading and looking at magazines seems to work.

7. Cover Models.

Whatever your opinion is by looking at these it sure gives you a reason to work harder.

8. Blogs.

I enjoy reading blogs on a variety of topics that include health and fitness and go into the ups and downs of people’s successes and what they went through.

9. Success Stories.

A picture or a story of a person’s success, especially a transformation is enough to help motivate you.

10. Reward Yourself.

If you’re exercising make sure that you reward yourself when you hit goals! Especially as you go through your own fitness journey.

11. New Clothes.

Fitting into new clothes in a smaller size, get yourself training!!

12. Being Attractive.

That’s always a good motivator as I am sure we all know.

13. Adrenaline.

When I work out I get that adrenaline when I exercise. It’s a fantastic feeling.

14. Stress Relieving

Whether that’s before a day at the office or after, exercise is a fantastic way to relieve that stress.

15. Training Partner.

A great thing that worked for me.

16. Exercise Class.

Join a class, perhaps even with a friend and you’ll be motivated to get out there and train.

17. Personal Trainer.

Yes, it’s the job I do, but let me tell you it is so worth the money.

18. Write Down Your Workouts.

Record everything that you do, it is extremely important.

19. Your Before Picture.

This lets you see how far you have come.

20. 5k/Tough Mudder/Event.

Participating in activities like these will make you motivated to train.

21. That Lazy Feeling of Not Exercising.

For whatever reason I have been not been able to exercise, I hate that feeling that I get, so I always remind myself of that.

22. Living a Longer Life.

There are many things that I still want to do

23. The Scale.

Is it not motivating seeing your weight go down every week! Mix that with some kind of body fat assessment like calliper readings or a tape measure measurement.

24. Hitting Your Goal.

Set a goal for your weight, your body fat, your waist measurement, how many sets and reps you’re going to do, how many miles you’re going to run this week. Setting and tracking goals will help you to achieve them. Makes it easily achievable.

25. Post On Blog or Social Media.

Tell people your going to lose weight and exercise daily. Then report to them.

26. Motivational Quotes.

I love these, I make sure I read them daily.

27. Books.

Buy a book on weight training as a reward and it will make you want to hit the gym.

28. Other Peoples’ Comments.

When someone starts to notice a change and how good your starting to look, it makes you feel good and want to train more.

29. Upcoming Holiday.

Not much needs to be said.

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