For many people the motivation to exercise is a problem.

I do understand it’s not the easiest thing to get started, and I assume that a person has had that experience of stopping and starting training. Don’t get annoyed with yourself about it, the most important thing is that you get started again.

Main Issue.

Why do people find it hard to start exercising?

There are probably many reasons, but here I write a few factors that I think it might be.

1.  It’s too difficult.

When you start out with a new goal, many people have lots of enthusiasm and ambition. You will hear people say that “I’m going to train in the gym for an hour today.” Or “I am going to start running every day.” The problem with that is, as a beginner, you will do this a few times and without proper instruction you will soon run out of energy, and it will become a drag.

2. Lots of goals.

I have mentioned this in a previous post but the problem people have is that they have just too many goals. Like starting an exercise program, a new project at work, family commitments, keeping a blog, being consistent with social media. These are all multiple goals and if you’re beginning an exercise program you will not be able to focus on it. Or you might just start one goal, then start something else and then forget about the initial goal.

3. Lack of motivation.

Discipline needs motivation, some of the most powerful motivators, are telling someone about it or making your goals public.

3 motivational steps.

1. Set one, achievable goal.

a) Write your goal down, post it up, if you don’t write it down it’s not important.

b) Make it achievable- Starting a training program? Start but making it 3 x a week. Then as you progress you can develop from there.

c) Be specific. What activity will you actually be doing? Time of day? Where? Don’t just say exercise but be specific about it. Make an appointment with yourself that you can’t miss.

d) Measurable. Make sure that you track your progress. If you start off with 2 sets x 12-15 make sure you write that down, so you can say you have hit your target.

e) Stick with one goal. Try to start off with just one goal, at least for 4-6 weeks. Try not to start another too soon, if you do your forgetting this goal.

2. Keep a record.

Write your workouts down! You will be able to see progress and it will keep you motivated to keep going. During the session or when you have finished, make sure you keep a record. It does not need to be complicated.

3. Keep Accountable.Report it to other people by doing a blog, on social media, spouse, friends, family, training partner, personal trainer or even a fitness class. Just make sure you report your scheduled workout to other people. It could again be social media, email, phone, even your co-workers what you did today. Be sure that they know your goal and you’re going to report to them at these times.

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