Just a little piece of inspiration at this time.

Before in April 1954.
The belief was, the universal belief.
It had been tried again and again by people that failed.
The belief was that man was not physically capable.
Of breaking the four minute barrier.
That he could not run a mile in less than four minutes.
That was the planets belief.
It had never been done.
But guess what, here is what happened.
A Roger Bannister came along and he broke the four minute barrier.
What is significant about that?
Up to what i know, a thousands of people have done it, including high school kids.
What changed those thousands of people?
What happened was, when they got in the track, they knew it had been done.
Because they knew it had been done.
There was a new belief about this barrier.
About this goal that was unreachable.
These people in their heart, knowing someone had done it, it was possible.
They could do it.
So you know, if someone has done this goal.
You can do it.
You can make this dream a reality.
As you look at where you want to go.
Embrace, that it is possible.
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