It’s getting closer to 2019 and today I am going to share a few points with you. The post content will be about healthy nutrition.

Tips for healthy nutrition.

Healthy nutrition is an essential part of increasing your fitness, and I know it is something that can feel hard at times. It is easy just to grab that fast food because of all those temptations in life and work, so start gradually, instead of making drastic changes.

I eat very healthy right now and during my Transformation I made a drastic change, but I do recommend a major proportion of people not to do that. Start gradually, over time start incorporating leaner meats and fish into your diet with more fruits and vegetables. Then you can start adding healthier breakfast options like eggs, oatmeal or whole grain breads.
Then incorporate more nuts into your diet while reducing the oils and use a non-stick pan or low-fat cooking spray. If you try cutting one thing at a time, then eventually it will become easier.

Healthy Nutrition Tip 1: Pick 1 or 2 things to change about your diet, start with those. Every 1-2 weeks try something healthy and add it.

On my journey to good health, what has also helped me, is not just to cut something out, replace it with something different. Like caffeinated drinks, like coke, I now replace that with sugar-free squash (I still drink Coke, but very rarely). I now eat a nutritious breakfast, meat and nuts, instead of sugared cereal.
I have UP Eat from Ultimate performance and this has added a new healthy variety of things to try.
Find healthy options that you enjoy-make a list and keep them close by.

Healthy Nutrition Tip 2: Stop eating that fatty food, then replace it with something healthy.

Avoid those saturated fats and things that are very high in sugar, and incorporate your fruits and vegetables, nuts and healthy fats like olive oil. Foods that are high in protein, but are lean, if you are a vegetarian (tofu, soy protein, nuts, beans) and high fiber foods.

Healthy Nutrition Tip 3: The first thing to cut out is fried fatty foods (Fast Food) and stuff that is too sugary, like (coke, cakes, and sweets) and other junk food. Don’t cut it out completely, but start to phase it out of your diet, then replace it with other foods (see first two rules.)

Another way to make a change is to eat smaller portions. Do not pile your plate high, as that’s a sure way to get fat. You can slowly cut back on your portions by putting in, healthy snacks between meals. The key is to create a diet plan so that you can have these snacks, but still will have your core three meals. A low fat yogurt, a piece of fruit for instance and if that’s not enough adding more non-starchy vegetables to your main meals (if hunger is a problem)

Healthy Nutrition Tip 4:
Spread smaller meals throughout the day.

When you’re feeling hungry, you will stuff yourself.
This puts me on to another method, when you are travelling, you have to plan ahead, or you will end up going to the nearest fast food place, which will not be as healthy and expensive. When you go shopping, look for healthy snacks that you like and pack them on your journey.
Boiled eggs, Nuts, raisins, fruits, vegetables, protein bars are good things to pack and are easily portable.

Healthy Nutrition Tip 5: Take smaller snacks with you while travelling, and plan ahead.

Remember, losing body fat will not happen overnight, but it can easily be put back on. Be patient and think long term. Don’t look for quick fixes.

Healthy Nutrition Tip 6:
Set long term goals, don’t expect quick fixes.

There is many ways for you to keep on top of your nutrition and these are only basic rules for you to eat healthy. But, these are the foundation of getting fit, so slowly implement these rules into your routine and you will see big changes over time.

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