You, me and even the most motivated of people have at times had a slump of motivation.

So here are a few ideas that I have used in the past to find that lost motivation.

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”-Confucius

I have been inspired within the last handful of years to find different ways to motivate people because that’s some of the feedback I get all the time, “How do you motivate yourself?”

And yes, as I mentioned earlier, I do lose motivation, but I do enjoy exercise (it is a huge part of my life!) but I still use these selections of tips to get back on track.

1. Have a single goal.

Throughout my life on a professional level, I do like to have many goals to achieve, but here is the dichotomy to that, trying to take on too much at a time will leave you in a slump, it will sap your energy and motivation. That is a mistake that too many people make, and trying to take on two goals at once, well for the majority it’s not possible. I have just completed a project which has taken me nearly two years and it was actually that, which slowed me down, taking on too many things. You can always do other goals when you have accomplished your one goal.

2. Finding that inspiration.

This is one of the many reasons why I enjoy spending my time with successful people, who have all achieved what I would like to achieve, or are currently doing it. I read books, blogs, listen to the YouTube videos, especially to find out how to achieve that goal. My blog here is only just one inspiration, but there are also many other people with success stories.

3. Get pumped.

No, not doing reps on your muscles, but getting excited about your goal. How can you without motivation? Then it will come from other people (see above) but how can you build on it? Well, for me, I always look back at my past achievements and remember how excited I was, I can then visualise being successful with it. Once I have done that, it’s just keeping the energy inside of me and moving forward.

4. Build anticipation.

This is a tip that is actually not spoken about much… because it sounds hard. The H4H Everest Base Camp trip that I did with Help for Heroes. I did not just start straight away,(there was a fundraising target) I had a date when I would begin, to be honest, I was so very excited about it and marked it on my calendar, I started writing the things I wanted to do when I was aerobically fitter! But, just that.. starting delay in the future, it built my anticipation for it and increased my energy and focus for the goal.

5. Advertise your goal.

Write down your goal in big huge words and post it on your wall, fridge or at work. Like, Gym 3 x a week. Just having big reminders of your goal will keep your focus and excitement going. Pictures of what you would like to look like, does help.

6. Publicly committed.

We don’t really want to look bad in front of other people and of course we will go that extra mile if we have said it publicly. For example, when I had done my first fundraising challenge, I put it out publicly on social media, my motivation to continue to fundraise did go up and down and at times my motivation went but I stuck with it and completed it. Now, you don’t have to commit to your goal over social media, but you can do it with friends, family and co-workers or put it on your blog, if you have one. Then hold yourself accountable, not just one way, but continues to give updates each week.

7. Thinking daily.

Thinking about your goal daily help much and is more likely to come true. Placing your goal in places (as mentioned above) just remember a commitment to furthering your goal daily, even spending just 5 minutes, every single day, then your goal will most certainly come true.

8. Have help.

It is hard to do accomplish anything by yourself. When I was in recovery after my injury when I was in the Forces, I needed medical professionals with me everyday to give me confidence that I had done so well, I can keep going. Where I am today, I would have not accomplished any of my goals without the support of others.

9. Motivation will come and go.

One thing is that motivation is not a constant you will not always be in the flow. And it does come and go, but it won’t go permanently. Think of your goal as a long destination which you will hit hazards along the way. Don’t give up at those hazards, stick to the path for the long term and you will get there.

10. Don’t give up.

There will be times when you want to quit, but don’t. Think of your goal as a long journey, and you will hit hazards along the way. Stay with it and you will make it.

11. Start small.

If you’re thinking of starting an exercise program, then make your first start small. You don’t have to do intense workouts 5 days a week. Start with just increasing your steps daily and then progressing into the gym/fitness classes/outdoor fitness and try to at least train 3 x a week. Want to wake early? What has helped me was going to bed earlier, but you could also train yourself into getting up sooner by placing your alarm clock 10 minutes earlier than your normal wake up time and then progressing 10 mins earlier each week.

12. Build small successes.

Start your exercise program at an intensity that challenges you. Please get the help of a trainer if need be. Start your steps small, and later down the line, those small steps will end up to a lot of success.

13. Read.

A big inspiration of mine has been reading, if I have a goal to achieve then I will read a book, blog or listen to a podcast. You can read about your goal everyday, especially when you’re not feeling motivated.

14. Think of the good, not the most difficult.

The first thing that people think about when talking about exercise, hard work, effort. Just thinking about it can make people tired. But, instead of thinking about how difficult something is, think about the good it will be for you. Just like exercise, the benefits of something like being healthier or slimmer, will help energise you.

15. Negative thoughts? GOOD!

Recognise the fact when you have a negative thought. Then replace that negative thought with a positive one. If you say that “this is too hard.” Replace it with “I will achieve this.”
It’s true, yes, you can do it.


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