Going to be writing down some tips that have worked for me, so please take what is useful for yourself. Some are contradictory, so don’t use them all!!

1. Start slow.

A big mistake of many people is jumping into and exercise program to fast, or too hard.
If you’re a beginner, start at a beginner level. At the beginning of training, the key is to make it enjoyable and something you can accomplish.

2. Make progress gradually.

To make progress, you must increase the intensity. Don’t just train 3 x a week at 12-15 reps or walk/run for 20 minutes throughout the entire year. Your body will adapt to the stress that it is given, so you will need to increase that level, once you have adjusted. So do it gradually, I tend to keep a client in a training program for around 6 weeks.

3. Ramp up the intensity.

There are various ways you can increase the intensity of your training programs. One way is, if you’re used to doing longer aerobic exercises like running, you can also do short, intense bursts of fast running with periods of rest in between. Higher intensity improves calorie burn. But, remember you can’t stay on this for long, mix your training with longer periods of aerobic work.

4. Plan your workouts in your diary.

Make your workout an appointment with yourself, and treat it like any other appointment.
But, make it the most important appointment on your calendar. YOUR HEALTH.

5. Be consistent.

Make it a consistent activity that your workout, Once you get into the routine, then you can increase the intensity.

6. The weight loss is not the only statistic.

Yes, many people would like to lose weight. But, do not let that be your only motivation as there are times when your weight loss might slow down. Especially in the beginning, (Remember, you need to change your eating habits) but just keep at it and it will come. Make sure you get into a good exercise program, then worry about the weight loss later. First things first.

7. To do a six week challenge.

Challenge yourself, train 3 x a week and see if you can rise to the occasion. Tell everyone you are doing it. Just motivate yourself.

8. Be apart of a community.

A great motivator is having to report success or failures to other people. Whether it’s in a gym or an online group, introduce yourself and see what ones you are comfortable with. Once you have gotten established (after a couple of days) you can post your results every day.

9. Write a blog.

Well, posting your results on your blog is pressure. But, it is positive public motivating pressure. Make a promise to your blog readers that you will commit to this goal. You can post it, let’s say once a month, then post your results every day. Even if your mum is your only blog reader, it will help.

10. Make it fun.

Yes, it is hard work, but does not mean it can’t be fun. Make your workouts exciting, so you will look forward to them.

11. Pre-workout nutrition.

If your workout is going to be longer than 30 mins then you will need to have some energy in you. You can have a banana an hour before or have a meal 2-3 hrs before you work out.

12. Keep hydrated.

Either water or intra workout nutrients during your training session, especially if it’s for an hour. Remain hydrated, which you should be doing even if you’re working out or not.

13. Get a training partner.

This is a great motivator, find someone at your capability and then commit to working out 3 x a week together at a certain time. You can push each other harder, but just make sure you do workout and don’t just chat!

14. Place an inspiration cover model/athlete at home or work.

Does a person inspire you? Does this person have the body you are aiming for? Then place them up somewhere visible like your fridge, or your work desk. You may never be an athlete/model, but it’s still awfully motivating. I used to have pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger on my walls when I was growing up.

15. Train in the morning.

My favourite time to workout is in the morning. Plus, I know that if I workout in the morning, I have the rest of the day to do my work and nothing will get in the way. I love the feeling of attacking the day knowing that I have already trained.

16. Squeeze in a lunchtime session.

You may not be a morning person, well that’s ok, if you’re willing to sacrifice your lunch towards the fitness world, good for you. Bring your workout clothes, train quick, then be back at work ready to tackle the afternoon.

17. After work.

If none of the above work for you, then make it an appointment for straight after work. This will motivate you to finish your work on time, so you can get out too your workout.

18. Do it anyway.

You may not feel like doing this upcoming workout. Do it anyway, deep breath and exercise.

19. Join a race or competition.

5k or 10k, these are fantastic motivators. It really gets me to do my workouts, You don’t just want to start off and after 5mins, just collapse, you really will look silly. Just go and have some fun at these events, everybody is worried about themselves too much to notice you.

20. You don’t need all that fancy gear.

Yes, You can put on just some cheap clothes and get out the door, then train. Don’t let all that fancy gear stop you.

21. Rest, it’s important.

It’s an essential factor, if you don’t rest, you will just burn out and get injured. It’s just as important as your workouts to increase your fitness. As long as you do the workouts too, and not just the rest.

22. Don’t overtrain.

How does your body feel? Do you feel like you’re overdoing it? If so, get some rest and allow your body to recover. You may certainly feel some DOMS, especially when you first start. Stop if you feel a sharp pain or you’ll just make it worse.

23. Set goals.

You want to start exercising and that’s good, but what do you want to achieve? Do you want to build muscle? Burn fat? These are two competing goals and you should be clear, what do you want.
What are your goals for the upcoming week? What do you want to accomplish? Make sure you write these or post it, and see if you can meet them.

24. Take photos of yourself.

This is vitally important and is the best way to see your progress over time. Do it every two weeks.

25. Personal Trainer.

First, you don’t need one to get fitter but having a well planned PT session in the gym, there is no better.
If you want to learn to swim, however, yes, a swimming coach is a must. Many of your local swimming pools offer these facilities.

26. join a sports club.

Many sports and activities offer clubs you can join and it will offer the chance to meet people with the same interests. You will also most probably network with more knowledgeable people Well worth the effort.

27. Warm up.

If you’re going to do any form of exercise you will need to get the blood pumping and muscles warm. It will reduce the chance of injury and enjoy the workout more.

28. Stretching.

Stretching can be used after the warm up when the muscles are warm, you don’t want to stretch them cold. Various static and dynamic stretches can be used before the exercise and static when you cool down.

29. Be in for the journey.

If you think you’ll be fit and Healthy in a month, you are mistaken. Exercise is a lifelong activity and your goals will come eventually. Enjoy and train well.

PC: Jenny Nim.

Ultimate Performance.

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