Now how do you feel when I say that? Sounds like too much? Well, hold on…

Right now, do you try to exercise three or four times a week? How are you getting on?

Well, trying to make that a daily habit, will require consistency, then it will become a habit.

It will become much easier, automatic, and feel less of a struggle.

My daily life consists of training in the gym on weekdays, I am doing various ‘Tough Mudder Events’ this year, so on the weekends I will jog, or just walk around my local area.

Here are some practical suggestions that can make exercise a daily habit.

1. Set a time.

Set a time(s) within the day that you’re going to exercise. And stick to it.
I train at 0900-1100 on Weekdays and 1500-1700 at weekends.
Of course, my schedule is on a booking system, so it might sometimes change, but I try to stick to it.
If you don’t set a time, you will most likely not stick to it, put it off and then later, you might have no more energy, and say, I’ll do it tomorrow. Then it will not become a habit at all.

2. Set yourself a reminder.

There are a number of ways you can do this, send an email or a text reminder, so you will never forget. When you receive the reminder, do it right away, don’t book any delays.

3. Small steps.

This is probably most important of all, when you first start to exercise, you’re full of enthusiasm, energy and ambition. You then think you can do more, but, be very careful, because this can lead to burnout in the beginning. You then quit…
So think about it, when you first start to exercise, don’t make it daily, because the chances are that your body is not used to this type of stress.
Start off in the gym three times a week, get out there and start doing it, the key is to make exercise a habit.

4. Then make progress.

After a certain amount of time, your body will progress. You can slowly increase the amount of volume or intensity. But, make sure there is progress on the variables of your training program, you can increase the reps or sets, shorten your rest time, increase your cardio time, increase your time in the gym (up to 60mins), because you never want it to become easy.

5. Lay out your training gear.

If you have just started a training program, the fewer obstacles the better, and the more likely you are to be successful. So, if you want to train early morning, imagine getting up, having to put together your gear, when you’re half awake, you might want to go back to bed. But, if your gear is out, all ready in a pile, or whatever you need to exercise, you will be ready to go.

6. You want to get fitter, then get fitter.

My rule is, when I want to train, just go and train. A plan is there and, I will just go.
Then the rest falls into place.

7. Create an exercise program that has variety.

The benefit of a well designed training program will offer frequency and variety, especially in the gym.

The days you are not in the gym, you can do running outside, walks with your friends or family, cycling, or any different physical activity. It just means that you at not doing the same thing, exercising the same muscles every day, which also gives those muscles a chance to recover.

8. Recover, Recover, Recover.

This is an important part of your fitness journey, you need to give your body a chance to rest.
Let’s say you’re taking it easy, but you’re just walking, let’s say for 20 minutes, or doing yoga.. The key here is just to get your body moving, keeping active.

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