Confidence? Are you confident? Every-time I speak to my iPhone, I am nervous, how are people going to take it? I say to myself.

Every-time I produce a new blog post, will people read it?

Confidence has been said, “that it comes from winning” well, then if that was true, how could someone win for the first time?

Confidence, just like optimism, is a choice that you make, you must visualise your goals, keep practicing whatever you are doing and keep a record of your smallest to greatest accomplishments, just by doing that you will start to build up your confidence and that will fuel you to keep working hard.

The journey is more important than the goal itself.

Let me go be you an example, before LeBron James became the superstar he is today, as a junior player he could only make 29 percent of his three-point shot attempts. To improve his performance, James consulted the author of this book, and he suggested to shoot 400 variations of three pointers everyday.

By repetition, James was consciously visualising his goal; by practicing his execution, during a big game, he could let his subconscious mind lead the ball into the hoop effortlessly.

James not only improved his 3-point shooting by 40 percent, by also learned that being naturally talented is not enough to be the best basketball player in the world.

American basketball coach ‘Vince Lombardi’ once said; “Winning isn’t everything. It’s the only thing”

How you interpret this statement will determine how you lead your life. If you want to be a champion, you must learn only to celebrate and remember the positive experiences- and let go of negative ones.

At school we we are taught to revisit our mistakes to improve, but by doing so we take our correct answers or good performances for granted.

Don’t dwell on your failures or losses but look at your accomplishments and cherish them. See where you are at and visualise where you want to go.

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