You can google for lots of productivity tips on the internet.

But, I am going to place it down to one simple tip that I have learnt.


How does simplifying things make life more productive?

Well, I am sure you know the answer, but here it is anyway.

1. Simplify your to do list.

The less things that you have to do, the higher priority you can make things.
So get rid of that less important stuff on your list, or just delegate it.

2. Make your surroundings…simpler

Right, your work desk, now clear it up and make it tidy. This will clear up all distractions and interruptions. You will be able to focus more and get things done.

3. Just make your work process…simple

I used to be bad at this, but instead of multi-tasking, just single-task and your productivity will shoot through the roof. Must-tasking is an inefficient way to work (on a smaller level- on a larger level, such as during the course of the month, it’s better to work on several products at once rather than just one.) so focus on just one task at a time, and get it done.

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